Little People's Place, Inc. Day Care has been in operation since 1989, providing year -round quality professional child care. We provided services for 60 children from the ages of six months through five years old. Little People’s Place, Inc. was a center-based program as well as a group family day care home service. The center-based program and the group family day care home service program was incorporated in 1997 under the laws of New York State. Both programs were registered as non-profit charitable organizations and licensed by the New York City Department of Health and the New York City Bureau of Daycare.

Little People’s Place, Inc. reopened its doors in September 2007 as a group family daycare home based program and licensed by the New York City Department of Health. Little People’s Place, Inc. is dedicated to providing a stimulating, nurturing and enriching environment for young children and we are committed to providing quality early childhood education where it is believed that children learn best through play. We are committed to meeting the needs of the children in our daycare and their families.

Theresa McNeil, Founder/Executive Director/Care-provider

Ms. Theresa McNeil, the Founder and Executive Director, is a lifetime resident of the community in which Little People’s Place, Inc. operates. Ms. McNeil has significant experience in the childcare industry that includes the successful operation of Little People’s Place, Inc. and its predecessor programs for twenty years. For almost twenty-five years Ms. McNeil has been teaching and advocating for quality services for children and families in the Harlem community. Ms. McNeil has a Master’s Degree in Business Management from Penn State University and a M.B.A (Master’s Degree in Business Administration) from Chelsea University, Oxford England.

There are three assistants – a substitute and two helpers. Our staff is responsible for providing an atmosphere for children that are conducive to learning and sustaining a program that is consistent with the philosophy of our day care. This philosophy takes into account their social, emotional, and intellectual development and the health and safety of the group and the individual child.

Other Staff
Professional instructors are contracted six days per month to present music, dance and special art projects to the children.